Céline Jouandet


+33 7 82 42 78 00

Tempel Amsterdam
Tolstraat 160,
1074 VM, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

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Céline Jouandet is French a graphic and type designer based in Amsterdam. Originally from Paris, she has worked with the Hendriksen studio and with Remco van Bladel in Amsterdam before starting out on her own as an independent designer.


She specializes in typography and type design, but her skills also extend to logo design, lettering, book design, editorial design, and visual identity. She works with clients both locally and internationally, using typography as a tool to create impactful and clear visuals.


She believes that good design starts with hand-crafted drawings and a deep understanding of the medium. As an independent designer, she is constantly inspired by her practice and the challenges it brings. She is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate and create meaningful designs.


She also offers typographic advice for those looking to improve their own work. For any commissions, inquiries, typefaces, feel free to write here.

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